Common Cultural Themes in Art History (215 and 540 words)

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CCT Discussion Instructions | Common Cultural Themes in Art History
Introduction to Common Cultural Themes in Art and Art History
For our Discussion of the Common Cultural Themes artists have used for centuries you will compare a work of Contemporary Art today with a work in Art History dating between 10,000 BC and 1800 CE. Choose your Old and New artworks from the online reading resource mentioned above, no others or google searches.
Match a Common Cultural Theme in the old and new work of art. The six Common Cultural Themes are listed below in red. Plan to spend an hour previewing both resource links to find your match. Plan to spend another hour composing your thoughts and answers to the itemized questions below. Note, the OER Heilbrunn Timeline uses still shots and are easy to save as a screen shot. The OER resource site for the contemporary works may include video, so a screen shot will be necessary to create a stop-action clip. Save both images to your computer to upload in our Canvas Gallery where your compare and contrast of the two will be viewed by your group peers.
Remember how to embed an image? You practiced it in the Hello Intro Discussion the first week of class. Embedded images have to first be placed in your global Canvas Account, personal Files folder. Your global Canvas Account is located at the top on the teal blue menu bar on the far left.
1. Choose one of the following 6 Common Cultural Themes
Follow and research your leads on the following Common Cultural Themes, before beginning to use the approved OERs for your image search.
1) Politics and Community
2) Invention or Fantasy
3) Silence
4) Tragedy
5) Class and Privilege
6) Science and Environment
2. How-to Create an online Gallery with Embedded Images in a Canvas Discussion
Part A - Turn in part A of this Assignment by the end of the week it is assigned on the Course Calendar. Start your own original thread for this Discussion by clicking directly under the instructor’s message, otherwise the gradebook will not recognize your entry for grading purposes. You can return and work in the online gallery at any time after you begin to work and until the Calendar due date.
1. Create a citation for each image.
2. Clearly label the one Common Cultural Theme in subject line of your submission that you think connects the old and new artwork (one of the six above).
3. Hyperlink a URL for each artwork, evidence of the required OER.
4. Describe the content of each artwork in a way that YOU think justifies their sharing the same Common Cultural Theme.
5. Look at the rubric for this Assignment before you begin.Go to the Assignment menu and click on CCT Discussion.
6. Among other things on the rubric, it will prompt you to answer this question in a peer reply to another’s thread:
Which one of the two artists’ works represent an ideal YOU hold true? Why?"

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Both pieces can be interpreted as sharing the common cultural theme of fantasy. In particular, both the ancient Indian Hindu sculpture and the still from Malick’s Badlands evoke the fantasy involved in human love. As noted in the Met’s writeup for the sculpture, such depictions of loving couples had multiple meanings, such as “the more metaphorical symbolism of a human soul’s longing for union with the divine.” In a sense, the central characters of Malick’s film “embark on a crime rampage which ends in lonely exile at the outer limits of the 1950s Midwest” (Rowin, 2019) for similar motivations spurred along by falling in love; the difference between the sculpture’s context and...
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