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Questions for discussion
1. Most texts addressing intercultural competence (and there are many) provide summary lists of national scores for Hofstede’s cultural dimensions of power distance, uncertainty avoidance, individualism/collectivism, and masculinity/femininity.
Retrieve a table of those scores. Knowing that the research resulting in these values is decades old, suggest how at least some of those scores may have changed.
2. What are factors that might influence changes in the central tendencies suggested by national scores on those indices?
3. Select two countries with significant differences in their index ratings. Talk about the challenges public relations practitioners from one of the cultures might experience in planning a communication campaign within the other culture.
4. The research project that led to these findings was enormous and would be difficult to replicate. Suggest practical ways of updating these data through solid research and especially in ways that would benefit the public relations profession.

Readings: Global Public Relations
Spanning borders, spanning cultures
by Alan R. Freitag and Ashli Quesinberry Stokes

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Question 1: Scores in Hofstede’s dimension
There is a table on page 182 of the text book that discusses the cultural dimensions put forth by Hofstede with regards to the people in the Central and Eastern European Countries. The table shows results that have been developed over a period of years and the results are likely to change due to the changes in the cultural constructs of the society. Some of the changes that might have occurred over a period of time is that the power distance might have been significantly reduced between genders. In the past, the power distance might have been wide between the male and female gender while currently, the power distance might have been reduced similar to the change in masculinity and femininity....

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