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Watch Van Gogh Film: "Analyzing SUNFLOWERS"

After watching the documentary, "PRIVATE LIFE OF A MASTERPIECE", analyze THE SUNFLOWERS by Vincent Van Gogh; following the steps outlined in your textbook to analyze his painting 'The Wooden Clogs' You will be employing all of the critical approaches except Semiotics

-What formal issues mattered most in "The Sunflowers"?
-Iconography-what did sunflowers symbolize for Van Gogh?
-Did economic factors have any impact on the work?
-Was gender an issue?
-Did Vincent's biography help you to understand the paintings content?
-Were there deeper matters, perhaps unconscious, in his life that may be relevant to the work?

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Critical Analysis of Van Gogh’s “The Sunflower

"The Sunflower" is considered one of the most famous paintings by Vincent Van Gogh. Arguably, the painting is a piece of artwork that van Gogh was most proud of during his entire career. Van Gogh was famed for his dramatic and bold brushstrokes, which acted as emotional expressions and contributed significantly to his legacy as an artist.
Formal issues that mattered in “The Sunflower”

In “The Sunflower,” there are various formal issues that emerge. For instance, based on the color usage in the piece of work, there is a clear representation...

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