Many objects have been included to tell the artist's story--the mea...

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Many objects have been included to tell the artist's story--the meaning or message. Without doing any research or looking up the artist online, tell me what you think Audrey's visual message is saying to you personally. Look at how she arranges the objects, deliberately guiding your eye around the work. Be careful to really look at the image--like a detective, you have to collect the evidence. Do you think the title of the painting is appropriate for your own interpretation?

In your opinion, do you think the artist emphasizes form (how it actually looks, how the visual elements are arranged) over content (the message or meaning of the painting, as a whole image)? Please support your view with examples from the painting

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Audrey's Wheel of Fortune (Vanitas)

In my opinion, Audrey's Wheel of Fortune image presents the aspects of playing cards (gaming) where the player has a chance to win or to lose. Consequently, the images portrayed in the design represents the two aspects. For example, the...

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