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Museum of Contemporary Art Promotion
You will design a promotion for an exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Art which would be effective as a print (postcard) or web design. You will research the graphic design styles of Bauhaus, Constructivism and Cubism. The design will consist of a grid structure of your choice, graphics appropriate of the combined three styles, as well as colors and typography that are expressive of these styles. The grid shapes and number of sections will be your choice. You can break out of the grid and the grid may break up in some areas. Keep in mind overall balance.
You will include a figure or portrait (may be simplified) and geometric shapes. Subtle textures may be used if appropriate, gradients should be avoided. Text within the grid is optional. The overall look can be an “updated” appearance of the three styles as you will be using Illustrator software and the shapes will be crisper, less painterly, and the print quality will be sharper. You will be paying homage to the designers of this era. The informational text may be placed wherever you wish on the promo.

o Use a grid to create structure and order
o Demonstrate knowledge of design styles gained through research of three historical periods
o Use colors, images and fonts effectively and appropriately for the researched styles
o Use a sense of visual hierarchy in the promotional text
o Create an overall sense of balance in the design
o Demonstrate sills in concept sketches
o Demonstrate skills in Illustrator software to produce final artwork
Set up an Illustrator document 7” x 9” vertical or horizontal, 1 artboard, no bleed, units: inches
Text on the promo:
Museum of Contemporary Art
De Stijl
January 3 – April 10 2016

Consider use of upper or lowercase letters, visual hierarchy, use of color, use of graphics in the text area, background color, readability, appropriate fonts of that era
Proofread your text carefully (points will be taken off for errors)
Design considerations:
● Elements to consider using would include: squares, rectangles, triangles, circles, portraits of designers, cubist figures or objects, layering or sense of depth may be used, arrows
● Use colors appropriate to the era
● Consider the background color(s)
● Use appropriate fonts, limit the number of fonts
● The grid itself may be a color or white; it can be square or set at an angle

De Stijl
Walter Gropius
Lyonel Feininger
El Lissitsky
Piet Mondrian
Theo van Doesburg
Paul Klee
Kasimir Malevich
Wassily Kandinsky
Pablo Picasso
Herbert Bayer
Juan Gris
Joseph Albers
George Braque
Anni Albers
After general research on above consider searching posters of this era.

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