Illustrate and design a flyer announcing the Charleston, SC Farmer's market for 2017.
The poster must contain ONLY custom hand drawn vector art and vector illustrations. No raster images. Text, text effects, illustrative effects, paths, gradients, fill, stroke, layers, etc. Demonstrate a full spectrum of the usability of the software.

Information required for the flyer:
1. Charleston South Carolina Farmer's Market
2. April 8th to November 27th
3. Saturday 8am to 2pm
4. Located in Marion Square in the heart of Historic District in Downtown Charleston, SC, the CFM is open each Saturday, from April 9th through November 26th, 8 AM to 2 PM with additional Sunday markets during the Piccolo Spoleto Festival in May and June as well as Saturdays and Sundays in December during Holiday Magic for our Holiday Market.

The design Process and follow the specification:

1. Hand draw roughs for your own design.
2. File size 11x17 inches, vertical
3. NO Live Trace. Every image must be hand drawn with shapes or pen tool
4. The Illustrator file must include all original vector art
5. No photographs or raster files are to be used.
6. Save the file as: Mode CYMK, File Type: PDF
7. Allow a minimum of half inch margins on all 4 sides. Graphics and backgrounds can bleed. Text should not bleed.

Solution PreviewSolution Preview

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SC Farmer's Market Poster
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