Design 4 pictographs which represent the 4 seasons. Use harmonious colors, Demonstrate the pen tool, fill, stroke, shapes and create a uniform design throughout the layout. All 4 illustrations must match in design technique. Use Illustrator's Color Guide to pick a strong and effective color relationship.

You cannot trace vector images for your project submission. You can trace photographs. The best method for tracing a photo is to print the photo. Place the photo on a light box. Trace over the image on a clean sheet of paper. Scan your hand drawing. Use the pen tool to trace over your own drawing in Illustrator.

• Research ideas are saved on one Artboard
• Rough drawings are on a second Artboard
• Final illustrations are represented on a 3rd Artboard all within the same document
• Document page size is Letter (8'5 x 11)
• All 4 images have harmonious illustrative techniques: fill style, stroke style, drawing style, color harmony. They look like they belong together
• Clean and professional utilization of the pen tool to manage points and curves. No "sewing machine stitch" jagged points are used.
• Illustrative style is pictographic: the image is representative of the 4 seasons in some form
• Attention to detail with size and placement of the 4 illustrations.
• Submission. 3 page Illustrator PDF file

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4 Seasons Pictograph
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