Create a movie poster made from a montage of images, text, text effects. Nothing we see in a movie poster is photographed that way. Images are blended, overlapped, shaded, colorized, clipped, cropped, and edited to create an amazing design.

Research existing movie posters: Paste images into a word doc.
• Draw some roughs of your movie poster design. scan or photograph your drawings, place into a word doc nicely, and save as roughs.pdf
Project Specifications
• Image size 11x17 VERTICAL FORMAT
• resolution 200dpi
• Images must not be pixelated. Never stretch or scale up an image to fit.
• Must use at least 3 images
• Must have movie title text
• Must have key actors names
• must have rating
• Must have production company logo
• Must have the fine print at the bottom of the poster (can be copied from existing similar movie)

Solution PreviewSolution Preview

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Movie Poster in Adobe Photoshop
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