The Grammys celebrated their 60th year at the beginning of 2018. To extend the anniversary, The Grammy Museum of Los Angeles would like to invite the world to experience 60 years of award-winning music. The Grammy Museum would like to make this specific exhibition open to as many people as possible, with an attraction that is interactive for everyone.
Create a universal interactive experience design that focuses on providing a musical experience through the ages for as many populations as you can.
• Do your research:
o Primary research
- Listen to some award-winning music from the past 60 years
- Try to experience music in different ways (and take notes)
o Secondary research
- Look stuff up (how do differently abled people experience music, what are ways to involve various different groups—adults, children, handicapped people, etc.)
o Creative Research
- Wordlists, visual brain dump, mind maps, visual inspiration (use what works best for you, but include multiple modes of understanding—e.g., visual and verbal)
o Write your Design Brief
- The Message for the brief should be: "Experience the best music of the last 6 decades."
- Your audience should be very inclusive.
• Go through the Design Process
o Sketch out ideas, prototype and test your ideas on others (you should have notes on these tests), and refine your ideas.
• Refine your ideas into something you can present on an 11x17" sheet of paper
• 1 11x17" sheet of paper with your refined idea(s)
• 1 pdf with all of your research, process work, and a scan of your final presentation sheet.

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Lines – an interactive Sound Art Exhibition, Andres Lind 2016 Sweden
Concept: put your hand between the lines to create sound; move your body on different planes to control pitch, tone, volume, tempo, polytempic patterns, dynamics, musical structures.
Sound Lab, Munich
Concept: Instruments each play their sounds from a touchpad board
Musiquest Techniquest – Travelling Exhibit, Inspiria
Concept: Large, exaggerated scale musical instruments to be played with the entire body and sensed with multiple senses. Sound is exaggerated to involve kinaesthetics; feel the drums beating, see the sound waves, change and distort your own voice. Workshop style exhibit.
DELQA Interactive Soundscape – Matthew Dear
Concept: Using technology to create a living breathing sound sculpture. A fabric membrane stretched across the space is displaced in order to change variable qualities of the music
Sony Wonder Technology Lab – NYC
Concept: Body mapping projections to allow people to experience music through movement and visualisations, gaming technology to scroll through different genres and visualize the music, interactive mixers to create unique sounds blending existing music, instructions are given through holograms...
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