After performing the lab exercise on respiratory physiology write a full lab report including introduction, methods, results, discussion and literature cited.
The lab report has to be in a journal format.
The lab is for comparative animal physiology class.

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Effect of exercise on respiratory rates and volumes

The respiratory system is responsible for exchanging gas wastes from the body with oxygen from the air. Several of the important variables to consider when evaluating the function of the respiratory system include tidal volume (the volume of one full breath cycle), respiratory period (the length of time of one full breath cycle) and minute volume (the total volume of air breathed in and out in a minute). Several other factors affect the normal function of the respiratory system including age, gender, and health status. On average it has been shown that males have larger total lung volumes as well as faster air exchange rates compared to females (Aitken et al. 1986, Guenette et al. 2007). As humans age they loose lung elasticity which results in lower total vital capacity which is the greatest possible volume of a single breath (Turner et al. 1968)....

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