Imagine that you are a biologist working to raise awareness about the importance of ethnobotany. You will be delivering a presentation to an environmental group in your area to explain the importance and uses of ethnobotany for the environmental sciences.

Create a 10- to 15-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation for the environmental group. Address the following in your presentation:
Define ethnobotany and describe the six areas of ethnobotanical science.
Explain how these six areas can be applied to environmental science. Offer two examples that demonstrate how ethnobotanical science can be used to address environmental issues.
Describe one plant structure adaptation and one plant chemical adaptation. Hypothesize how these adaptations evolved. Explain how these adaptations benefit the plant. Which plant physiological processes are involved in these adaptations? Include potential biotic and abiotic selective pressures to support your hypothesis.
Discuss two ways in which indigenous or traditional cultures benefit from structural and chemical plant adaptations that you described. How can industrial cultures benefit from these or similar adaptations? How have traditional and industrial cultures manipulated the plant world to take advantage of these adaptations?
Speculate on how climate change—such as an increase in carbon dioxide, an increase in temperature, or a change in nutrient availability—affects your described adaptations. How might these changes in plant adaptations affect human well-being?
Describe the three approaches used to study traditional botanical knowledge. Explain how biologists and environmental scientists can benefit from studying ethnobotanical knowledge.
Identify one area of conflict between traditional botanical knowledge and Western science. Offer one solution that would reconcile this conflict.
Conclude with the main points of how ethnobotanical knowledge can be used to address environmental issues and benefit Western science.

Include the following:
Introductory and summary slides
Detailed speaker notes within the notes section
A references page for graphics and citations used
Ensure the slides contain bullet point lists with supporting photos or other graphics. There should not be large chunks of text on any slide.

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Importance Of Ethnobotany (11 slides)
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