Write a summary of the primary research article called "Long-Term Change in Diet Quality Is Associated with Body Weight Change in Men and Women".

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Weight gain is the common problem all over the world due to an unplanned diet and lifestyle. This leads to increase risk of various lifestyle diseases such as obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular disease. According to Fung et al. (2015), controlling the weight gain in adulthood may reduce the chances of such chronic diseases. Moreover, effective nonsurgical treatment for long-term weight loss is unusual; hence it is important to prevent the weight gain. Various studies have been researched on specific foods or food groups for weight management, but they still unsatisfied the needs. One research showed that higher fiber foods or low glycemic food reduces hunger and late food consumption. A meta-analysis revealed that high intake of brown rice has small weight reduction. Fruit and vegetable consumption showed little inverse association with weight change in non-smokers....
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