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2. In the presence of oxygen, how many ATP molecules are generated by the breakdown of one glucose molecule?
Ans: 36 ATP (Although total 38 ATP is formed in aerobic oxidation of glucose, but 2ATP is utilized in the beginning of glycolysis)

3. Describe the path oxygen takes as it travels from the air to your cells.
Ans: Oxygen is taken up along with air during breathing, which enters from nose and then respiratory track i.e. pharynx, trachea, bronchi. Thereafter oxygen enters to the lungs where it passively diffused from the alveoli into the blood and get attached to hemoglobin of RBC (red blood cells). It is then transported to the body where it gets released and passively diffuses into a cell to be used in cellular respiration.

4. If the demand for energy outstrips the oxygen available in your muscle cells, what process begins?
Ans: Anaerobic respiration will be going to take place in muscle cells due to deficiency of oxygen for production of energy....
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