Please choose and describe in detail one of the studies discussed in the video, How Pets Enhance our Health-Health Matters that relates to how animals improve our physical health. Use the Excelsior Library to find one credible supporting article related to that study. This article should support the physiological findings (e.g. a decrease in blood pressure) that were found. Once you have selected an article, please share the following in essay form: State which study from the video you have selected and why. Next, describe the article you located from the library in your own words. Explain how your article supports the research from the video.
Please use APA formatting.

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• It can be argued that animal-assisted therapy and/or activities (AAT/AAA) are beneficial for every human being at some point in life. How can AAT/AAA help improve aspects of humans’ lives and why?
Animal interactions can have a significant factor in the improvement of people’s lives by improving their social, mental, and emotional health. These animals are trained to be goal-oriented and address specific cognitive and physical deficits that people may have. Because of this, using animals in therapy will most certainly help in a variety of situations. It has been documented that AAT/AAA improves motor skills, increases strength, improves balance, increases trust, increases self-esteem, decreases blood pressure, and decreases depression. If AAT/AAA does these things to a person who is ill, that person will most likely not need as much medication as before. The person may get well quicker and may not be as depressed, therefore eliminating the need for further medications. It has been proven time and time again....
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