The given paper is "Antibodies to a cell surface histone-like protein protect against Histoplasma capsulatum"

1. What is the context of the paper-background
2. Summarize big picture aspect-impact
3. What is the central hypothesis to be tested
4. FOR each figure-what are the conclusions based upon?
5. What are the controls used in each figure?
6. What is WRONG with the data/interpretation?
7. What experiment would you do to check?
8. What are the major conclusions/results
9. What other experiments do the authors propose?

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1. What is the context of the paper-background

Histoplasma capsulatum is a yeast-like fungus the causes infection mainly in immunocompromised people. While it is not usually problematic in healthy people H. capsulatum is often deadly in immunocompromised people, particularly patients with HIV as no highly effective treatment is known. Previous attempts to achieve immunity using vaccination has not shown convincing results. It is uncertain whether H.c. infection activates antibody production by the immune system. This paper reports on a series of experiments that successfully isolates antibodies produced by mice in response to H.c. infection. They characterize these antibodies and describe their effectiveness in providing passive immunity in mice.

2. Summarize big picture aspect-impact.
Given the lack of effective treatments for H.c. infestation in immunocompromised persons any method for attacking the fungus could be useful. Immunocompromised people typically can not mount an immune defense against microbes so the ability to produce antibodies against H.c. could greatly augment any defense they can produce....

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