Proposal for the Project

There are two components to the proposal:
A one-page description
An annotated bibliography, marks for each annotated reference; total of marks)

Proposal Requirements

In paragraph form, provide information on your research topic and the major issues you intend to examine. The one-page description must include a working thesis statement. You also need to include an annotated bibliography (following APA or CSE style) for five references that you will use in your research. Each citation should be followed by a brief (around 100–150 words) descriptive and evaluative paragraph. The descriptive aspect of the annotation involves describing the main ideas presented in the source. The evaluative aspect of the annotation informs the reader of the quality of the source and its relevance to the essay topic.
At least ten references and at least five of these references should be peer-reviewed.

Project Topic Requirements
Keep in mind that regardless of the topic or research question you choose, you will need to develop a clear thesis and provide evidence from your research to support your argument (i.e., to defend your position?

Choose a project Topic.
1. Choose a plant that has a special significance to a culture and try to explain why it is so important.
2. Plants as fuel: Describe the use of plants as fuel through history and into the future.
4. Research marine algae as a potential source of food for humans.
5. Describe the management of non-timber plant resources of our forests. Choose a specific forest area and look in depth at the issues.
6. Take a close look at a local weed. Where is it from? What are the social, biological, and ecological reasons for it being a weed? How does that information help us to control its spread?
7. Chose an important crop and look at its history of domestication. Who first domesticated it? What were the selection criteria that led to its present varieties? How was it distributed?
8. The opium poppy: blessing or curse?

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These solutions may offer step-by-step problem-solving explanations or good writing examples that include modern styles of formatting and construction of bibliographies out of text citations and references. Students may use these solutions for personal skill-building and practice. Unethical use is strictly forbidden.

Use of plants as anti-fertility agents; whether to choose from cultural acceptance Vs proven efficacy
Thesis statement: Plants and plant derived products have been used as anti-fertility agents from centuries till the advent of modern synthetic contraceptives. However, their use needs scientific evidencing to be recommended as relatively safe alternates to relatively more efficient modern contraceptives (Agarwal & Allan, 2010). The potential of plant based agents is that they have more cultural acceptance and are economic feasible in some of the populous and rural areas in the world. These qualities may balance their relatively low efficiency compared to modern contraceptive. Here, this research essay explores scientifically safe practices of plant based anti-fertility agents which are also culturally adapted, and whether they could be recommended as choice in places where acceptance of modern contraceptives is low.
Population growth and contraception
Population growth puts severe strain on the limited natural resources that are available on earth. Particular impact is felt on the relatively less developed countries, where the population growth inhibits sustainable development. The poor persons in these countries typically have relatively less access to educational/informative resources and are relatively unaware of the modern methods of safe contraception (Gakidou & Vayena, 2007). This tends to increase the severity of the problem because the poor and ill-educated people have more children, who in turn grow up in the limited resources, further increasing severity of the poverty-high population cycle....

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