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Although it might seem more like a topic of biology, the search for life out there begins with physical science. Your second option is to write a paper about searching for life in our galaxy. The paper should include:

Scientific arguments from peer-reviewed sources favoring the possibility of life
Counterpoints from those who think it is unlikely, based on their own scientific hypotheses

The methods used in this search
What we are looking for
The differences between life and intelligent life
How life might exist in non-Earthlike conditions
Your final paper should be 8-10 pages in length not including cover and reference pages and conform to the APA Requirements. Cite 8-10 outside sources.

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Since mid-20th century, the debate on whether there is life in other planets outside the earth has increased sharply, drawing the attention of scientists in different fields of biology, astronomy, physics and chemistry, philosophers, political analysis and the public in general. The idea of extraterrestrial life (alien life) or life that does not originate from the earth is still a postulation, as there is no ambiguous evidence to show that it exists. Nevertheless, scientific studies have provided several bits of evidence to support the idea of life forms in other planets.

The earliest and basic scientific argument for the existence of extraterrestrial life is based on the vast size as well as the consistent physical laws of the universe as it is observed from the earth. According to scientists like Stephen Hawkin and Carl Sagan, it is not probable for life to fail to exist somewhere else other than the earth (Weaver, 2014). These scientists based their argument on the Copernican Principle that states that the earth occupies a common and not a unique position on the galaxy and the universe, which is similar to those occupied by other planets. In addition, the mediocrity principle states that the life on earth does not have anything special and that other planets can have similar characteristics such as those that support life on earth (Rauchfuss, 2008).

According to Loeb (2014) and Dreifus (2014), the chemistry of life is likely to have started a few years after the Big Bang, that is, about 13 billion years ago, when the universe was about 10 million years old. The scientists further argue that since the earth was developed in the same manner as other planets, life may have formed and emerged independently in other planets of the universe and not only the earth....

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