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3 pages long about HIV in US:
The essay should provide basic information on the medical and microbiological aspects of the disease (causative agent, symptoms, treatment, etc.) as well as the social aspect (e.g. socio-economic characteristics of those suffering from this disease, geographic distribution; historic perspective, etc). A paper should present the perspective/position of different nations/countries in regard to measures for preventing disease outbreaks (e.g. type of health care system, vaccination programs etc.) and compare those to WHO standards.

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Medical and microbial aspects of HIV/AIDS
The microbial agent
The human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), the causative agent of acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS), is a virus of the genus Lentivirus and family Retroviridae. Members of the genus Lentiviridae have many common biological and morphological characteristics and are causative agents of many viral diseases that affect humans and other primates. Like other Lentiviruses, HIV is an RNA virus that is single-stranded, enveloped and positive-sense in nature. Unlike other members of retroviridae, HIV has a spherical shape, with a diameter of about 120nm. This means that it is several times smaller than the human red blood cells. Within its genome, the virus has only two copies of +ve ss-RNA encoding nine recognized genes and enclosed by a protein capsid of over 2,000 copies of protein p24 (Fisher, et al., 2007).
It targets, attaches onto and enters specific cells of the immune system, specifically the helper T cells (CD4+ cells), dendritic cells and the macrophages. Once the virus enters the immune cells, its RNA genome undergoes a reverse transcription process to produce...

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