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Choose one of the periods or epochs of the geologic time scale and describe it. Be sure to include its numeric age, any major fossil groups that lived then and any major geological events that took place at that time. Feel free to include anything else that you might discover such as climate, oxygen levels or extinctions.

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First introduced by Charles Lyell in 1839, the geological epoch Pleistocene is generally agreed to have existed between 2,588,000 to about 11,700 years ago. It is particularly important because it spanned the most recent period of continued glaciations (Gradstein, Ogg, James & Smith, 2012). It is also the first epoch within the Quaternary era and the sixth of the Cenozoic Era. Four stages have been described within Pleistocene- Calabrian, Gelasian, Tarantian and Ionian, all of which were defined in the southern region of the European continent.
Essentially, all the continents of the modern world were generally at their current positions during the epoch. It has been argued that the plates upon which the continents lie did not move more than 100 km relative to each other during the period....

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