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The report
The report is to be up to 2,500 words in length. The style is relatively flexible, but should contain such divisions as a title page, table of contents, summary, various sections describing your findings, a concluding paragraph and bibliography. Figures and tables to illustrate main points are welcome, but if taken from published or web-based sources, must be fully referenced.

Prepare a report that illustrates some of the uses of bioinformatics in the biotechnology and/or research sector. The report should begin with a section that summarises the general field of bioinformatics, including the types of data that can be examined. This should be approximately one-third of the report, and must contain some references. The next part of the report must include several (at least 3) specific examples of where bioinformatics has been applied to either develop a product or to assist in the diagnosis/treatment of a medical condition (note that the product may be still under development). These examples should be reviewed in some detail, with literature (published, patent and web-based) cited extensively. Citations should be in the form of a standard journal format, for example;

Fry, B.N., S. Feng, Y.-Y. Chen, D.G. Newell, P.J. Coloe and V. Korolik. 2000. The galE gene of Campylobacter jejuni is involved in LPS synthesis and virulence. Infection and Immunity, 68: 2594-2601.

URL’s should be cited appropriately, and the date accessed listed. Please use a separate list for URL’s and primary citations. Where possible, a primary citation must be used rather than a URL- URL’s are primarily to cite Bioinformatics tools, databases or Company websites.

You can choose any products/therapeutic target you wish, examples may be cancer (drugs or vaccines for treatment or microarrays for diagnosis), gene therapy, target identification, medical informatics, modelling, in silico screening etc. Also acceptable are examples where bioinformatics-specific companies/organisations have developed software that is used by the biotechnology or medical sector. In this instance, the particular attributes of the software should be discussed.

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These solutions may offer step-by-step problem-solving explanations or good writing examples that include modern styles of formatting and construction of bibliographies out of text citations and references. Students may use these solutions for personal skill-building and practice. Unethical use is strictly forbidden.

Bioinformatics represents an interdisciplinary field linking biological, computer sciences and informational technology together (Singh et al., 2014). In 1970 Paulien Hogeweg used term bioinformatics to describe the study of information processes in biotic systems (Hesper and Hogeweg, 1970). The major aim of bioinformatics is development of software tools that are used to obtain useful biological information that further contributes to expansion of biological knowledge. The development in the field of bioinformatics is responsible for advances in methods and software tools used for biological data retrieving, processing, storing, organization, manipulation, analysis, interpretation and visualization. As an interdisciplinary field of science it combines techniques and knowledge from statistics, mathematics, and engineering in order to enable and/or upgrade discovery for biology important findings. Existence of huge diversity of bioinformatics tools, softwares and databases enables better understanding, analysis and storage of highly complex data sets produced in biology.
Development in the bioinformatics research is crucial for shortening the time needed for data manipulation and analysis, cutting down the research costs, and often contributes significantly to higher utility of results obtained in the wet labs. Bioinformatics represents a promising field that can help for in silico designing of primers and probes and their further in vitro validation. Automatic genome sequencing, genome assembly, understanding the gene and genome complexity, gene and protein identification and prediction of their function, prediction of protein structure, phylogeny, evolution, development of tools and softwares used in population genetics, personal medicine and personalized genetic testing, drug discovery, vaccine designing, cancer genomics, are just some of numerous applications of bioinformatics.
The rapid growth in bioinformatics is driven by demand to store efficiently, search quickly and manipulate easily expanding biological data sets. For example, sequencing a single genome can yield a large and highly complex volume of data that scientist need to analyze. Making a workflow from raw sequence data files to the data that can yield biologically meaningful results is tedious and highly complex task that relies on bioinformatics. With the advancement of computer and internet technologies, it became possible to make huge publicly available data sets containing various biological data sets. The availability of such data sets including genes, genomes, gene ontologies, proteins and proteomes has an excessive potential to contrite to our knowledge and understanding of biological systems, including those of medical, agricultural and economical importance. Furthermore, recent development of metabolic engineering and synthetic biology would not be possible without substantial usage of bioinformatics. Understanding evolutionary aspect...

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