For this evolution assignment you are going to do the following:

1. You may choose to research any FOUR scientists from the list below:
* Ronald Fisher
* Sewall Wright
* Theodosius Dobzhansky
* Ernst Mayr

2. Your project should include descriptions of each scientist’s contributions to the developing theory of evolution. The following checklist provides the required information to be included for each scientist:

* The country in which the scientist lived
* Dates when the scientist lived
* The scientist’s main findings, publications, and contributions, with corresponding dates
* Explanations of how these findings impacted the developing theory of evolution and relate to the modern theory of evolution
* Information on how these findings and publications relate to the commonly held beliefs of the day

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Theodosius Dobzhansky (A man of all seasons)

1. The country in which the scientist lived: 1900-1975
2. Dates when the scientist lived: Nemirov, a small town in the Ukraine.
3. The scientist’s main findings, publications, and contributions, with corresponding dates:

Evolutionary Biologists
i. During the years 1932, he demonstrated the first cytological map of Chromosome III in D. melanogaster.
ii. Based on the studies in 1930 by aligning the genes linearly based on the linkage map.
iii. He demonstrated that centromere was a main feature of the Chromosome.
iv. Sex Determination: In 1931 proposed that femaleness due to X factor is due to several other factors and not due to a single gene....

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