• Was there anything you think you might benefit from eating more of?
• Was there anything you think you might benefit from eating less of?
• Did you notice any adverse reactions to the foods you were eating?
• How much of your food was organic?
• How much of your food was prepared from fresh ingredients compared to frozen or pre-packaged ingredients?
• How much of your food was prepared from seasonal ingredients?
• What recurring features arose with regard to reasons for your food choices e.g. convenience, cost?
• How much control did you have over your food choices, for instance how much of your food did you prepare and how much was prepared by other people?

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1.    I would benefit from eating more fruit every day. By this, I specifically mean on vitamin C reach food such as citruses.I have a lot of bananas in my diet, but they provide more energy than vitamins.Eating enough fruits has multiple benefits.I usually eat fruits for snacks because it is a healthy and fast way to obtain energy that is immediately taken by the cells, especially brain cells when I feel sleepy. Other importance includes fruit impact on overall body health as vitamins fight free radicals and provides other essential functions in are the body...

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