‘Genetic modification’ in: Braun, L. and Cohen, M. (2015) Herbs & Natural Supplements: an evidence based guide. (4th Ed). Elsevier, Australia. Vol 1 pp62-63 (in ‘Introduction to Food as Medicine’).

True Food Network - llabelled?

Based on the above readings:
List the foods that are currently approved for genetic modification in Australia.
Briefly describe the labelling requirements for genetically modified products sold in Australia and the exemptions that apply.
Briefly list and describe the concerns people may have about consuming genetically modified foods.
You may also describe your own concerns about GMOs or indeed any concerns you have about the anti-GMO movement.

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According to the schedule 26 of Australia and New Zealand Food Standard code, many products are listed as genetically modified food (, 2018a). The products include:
Canola, which includes various herbicide-resistant varieties.
Corn, which includes herbicide resistant, high lysine content, insect-protected and amylase protected lines,
Cotton, which includes insect-protected and herbicide resistant lines,
Lucern, which includes herbicide resistant and reduced lignin lucern lines,
A potato that includes insect-protected and reduced acrylamide lines...

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