Q9b. Attached please find the extract of EPD data (2012) and (1997)...

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Q9b. Attached please find the extract of EPD data (2012) and (1997) in excel file, from the Tolo Harbour and Channel and then answer the following questions. You have to summarize the 2012 data in the following table format Sampling point Point/ TM3 TM4 TM6 Water level Surface Water Middle temperature Bottom Surface Salinity Middle Bottom Surface pH Middle Bottom Surface DO Middle Bottom Surface NH4 Middle Bottom Surface Nitrate N Middle Bottom Surface Nitrite N Middle Bottom Surface Orthophosphate Middle Bottom Chlorophyll a (jg/L) Using the above table, compare the water quality and the abundance of phytoplankton [chlorophyll-a (ug/L)] among the three locations, TM3, TM4 and TM6. Please account for any differences and relationships among these data (2012). (10 marks) Compare also the data obtained from 2012 with those obtained from 1997. It is recommended that you plot some graphs for easy comparisons. Suggest any ecological impacts that you think the differences in water quality would cause. What sort of measures you think that the government would have taken to improve the situations of these habour areas since 1997? (20 marks) Q10. Based on Unit 5, discuss what is succession, how it occurs (mechanisms) and why ecologists have different views on the climax state? What are the major factors contributing to different succession and climax between the tropical regions? (30 marks)

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