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We would like to propose vaccination of feral mammals for contraception via genetically modified plants with fluorescent dyes for tracking. Step one of this process is to modify the genetics of a plant by adding the vaccine with a host protein. This will enable the plant to reproduce the protein and vaccine as it follows the natural growth cycle. This process also offered an extended inoculation time table as the plant cells offer a protective layer for the protein. This paired with the patented delivery systems developed by SpayVac have the potential to increase the value. The second step after a healthy plant has grown, would be to water plant with mixed fluorescent or contrast dyes and H2O. Ideally, the plants will absorb the dyes, thus being ingested by the mammal when eating. These plants can be planted and allowed to grow naturally or they can be placed in a feeder that maintains regular gardening.

The recommendation for the final prototype would be genetically modified plants with vaccine and dyes. While there may be an initial cost, the long-term benefits outweigh this. With the self-efficiency of natural growth, the overall cost will prove to drop significantly after successful modification and measurable growth after planting.

In the article review in The Journal of Nutrition and Food Sciences, there is a more detailed explanation of these genetically modified plants or transgenic plants. Over the last decade, multiple trials have been conducted on many different plants, fruits, and vegetables. The current studies to introduce the antigens in the proteins for reproduction by the plants are aimed to offer low-cost immunizations for developing countries. This is to help aid in preventing diseases that could otherwise be devastating. According to the authors of Disease Prevention: An opportunity to Expand Edible Plant-Based Vaccines, because the plant reproduces these proteins naturally, these “edible vaccines do not require an extensive framework for their production, purification, sterilization, packaging, or distribution, reducing costs in the long term compared to traditional vaccines” (5(2),14).

Write 150 words in a paragraph that focuses on methodology of the solution and convince executive about the process.

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The method proposed here circumvents most of the known problems related to the vaccination process in deer and brings down the cost of long-term population control and maintenance. Transgenesis...

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