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It was reported on June 11, 1997, by NBC Nightly News, that according to a study completed, women are genetically predisposed to developing interpersonal skills such as perceiving the attitudes and needs of others.

Case 7 Discussion Questions:

1. Which personality dimensions relate to emotional intelligence such as sensitivity to the needs of others mentioned in the case?

2. Does culture affect development of certain personality characteristics by gender? How?

3. Do you think that this phenomenon has changed over time? In which countries do you think the conclusion reported in the case is true today?

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1. Personality Dimensions that relate to Emotional Intelligence:

- Ability to perceive understand emotions of others and to feel empathy: detect and understand emotions that are both stated verbally and through written word, and emotions that are not explicitly stated, such as body language, poetry, art, culture.
- Ability to perceive, detect and understand ones own emotions.
- Ability to control...

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