Find a new discovery in science (look at, for example, the BBC Science page or something like that). It should be recent (within the last month or so). Read the article and then find an external source, such as the paper that the article is referring to.

Paragraph 1: Summary of Findings
Paragraph 2: Description of methods used and what the next steps will be

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Summary of Findings:
Researchers have discovered, through the use of mitochondrial DNA analysis, that the Giant Squid (Genus Architeuthus) only exists as one species, Architeuthus dux, which is very surprising given that it is widely dispersed throughout the world with the exception of arctic regions. In addition, sequencing and analysis of mitochondrial DNA raises a strong possibility that the giant squid experienced an evolutionary bottleneck relatively recently, meaning that some event occurred to reduce the giant squid population to very small numbers....

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