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1.True/False: Electrical synapses are faster than electrochemical synapses but loose signal quickly with distance.
2. True/False: Only vertebrate electrochemical synapses use SNAREs and voltage-gated calcium channel for release of neurotransmitters
3. True/False: During synaptic signaling, receptor binding occurs after changes in post-synaptic potential
4. True/False: Gases such as nitic oxide can function as retrograde transmitters to affect the activity of pre-synaptic neurons.
5. Electrochemical synapses:
A. Convert
B. Use calcium pre-synaptic as their main action ion potentials to depolarize the post-synaptic side
C. Convert electrical signals into chemical signals then back into side electrical signals
D. A&B
E. A&C
6. If there is a mutation in clathrin slowing the endocytosis of all membranes then this would show up in the synaptic vesicle cycle:
A. Only if the terminal is stimulated many times in a row
B. As fewer vesicles in the axon terminal after stimulation
C. As a larger readily release pool
D. A&B
E. B&C
7. Which is NOT a common fate of neurotransmitters?
A. Enzymatic degradation
B. Cellular uptake
C. Auto-degradation
D. Receptor binding
E. All of the above are common fates of neurotransmitters
8. Which of the following are examples of amino acid neurotransmitters?
A. Acetylcholine
C. Dopamine
D. B&C
E. None of the above
9. Certain types of neurons must have highly coordinated activity to regulate muscle contraction. What types of synapses do you think they share and why? .
10. Synaptotagmin is essential for the fusion of presynaptic vesicles because, upon binding of calcium, it inserts into the presynaptic membrane and draws of the vesicles closer to the membrane. It has does 2 calcium binding domains. Let's say you mutate both of those calcium domains so that synaptotagmin does not bind calcium but binds lipids. What do you think would happen to acetylcholine release and why?

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3. False
5. E
6. D
7. C
8. B
9. The type of synapse that...

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