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Long slender bloodstream form T. brucei were incubated on ice with 0.1, 0.5 or 1.0 mg/ml of anti-VSG IgG and then warmed to 37oC for varying time periods (as shown in the table), before the addition of guinea pig serum (GPS) as a source of complement. Trypanosome cell viability was assayed 25 minutes after the addition of the GPS and the percentage of cells lysed by the various treatments determined. Data is shown by graph below (attached).

a) Describe the trends in this data over the time course of the assay and explain the immunological basis for the cell lysis observed.
b) Explain why bloodstream form T. brucei cells pre-incubated at 37oC for 12 minutes prior to addition of GPS are more resistant to lysis than cells pre-incubated for only 1 minute?

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    a) We can see that the concentration of anti-VSG IgG and duration of pre-incubation at 37°C have an impact on the percentage of cell lysed. Separately we can conclude that higher concentration of anti-VSG IgG the more percentage of the cell is lysed. The duration of the pre-incubation period leads to increased viability of cells, or in the other word, the more the pre-incubation period last the less T.brucei cells are going to be killed. When we observe this to parameters together, we see that in low concentration of antibodies for VSG the drop in the percentage of lysed...

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