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Read about intraspecific competition and interspecific competition, genetics.
Then write a paper where you will make an overview of intraspecific competition and interspecific competition: Explain these terms and provide a brief overview of each.

How do intraspecific competition and interspecific competition affect populations?
How is the predator community affected by low numbers of prey?
How do high numbers of predators affect the prey community?
What are some possible effects on other species?
Review the interspecific competition data in the University of Phoenix Material: Interspecific Competition.
What behavioral data might be inferred from this graph?
What factors might be responsible for the success of the older mothers' offspring?
Propose a scenario that might explain the data recorded. How might interspecific competition affect the reproductive success?
How does intraspecific competition and interspecific competition drive natural selection and evolution?

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Intraspecific competition is the interaction among members of the same species compete for limited sources. Individuals fight among themselves for water, food, space, mates or any other resource required for survival; however, if every member of the species can obtain a sufficient amount of all the necessary resources, individuals do not compete, thus resulting in the exponential growth of the popualtion (because all the individuals reproduce, and when the next breeding season comes, both parents and their offsprings breed, thus resulting in a higher increase in population than the original increase; so not only does the population increase, but the rate of population growth increases, as well – until it is limited by intraspecific or interspecific competition or any other biotic or abiotic factor) . Such an event is very unlikely in nature, since all the resources are finite and quite often even scarce, leading to intraspecific competition. Carrying capacity of a species in an environment is the maximum population size for the given species that the given environment can sustain indefinitely, given that all the recources (water, food, habitat...

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