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Write a report about specific gene which is (chk1 kinase ), write approximately 1500 words.
Background of the (chk1 kinase) gene
Background of the (chk1 kinase) SNP
Population variations of the chk1 kinase SNP(which is in first file).
Impact of the SNP on the different splice variants
Support your report with images and tables as appropriate (design them yourself if possible). Ensure that all images & tables have proper legends explaining what the image/table shows).
The references should be a Harvard style.
The references should be up to 14 and up to date.

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Chk1 kinase, or checkpoint kinase 1 is an enzyme involved in arresting and then reprising DNA replication in case of genetic stress (i.e. in case of replication errors in DNA). This mechanism is referred to as checkpoint mechanism. It was evolved in mammalian cells as a safeguard against incorrect DNA replication and is one of the important mechanisms that protect the mammalian organisms from tumors. In conditions of high genetic stress, the cell will arrest its division to allow time for the DNA repair mechanisms to repair DNA damage. If this does not occur, the cell will divert its cycle into apoptosis, self-destructing rather than allowing for such genetic damage to persist and threaten the survival of the whole organism. This is an important mechanism of guarding the body from dangerous effects of mutation and it plays a significant role in the body’s natural resistance to cancer. However, many cancer cells are mutated precisely in those genes which code for such safeguarding mechanisms. By avoiding the mechanisms of correction of mutations or annihilation of mutated cells, these cells continue to proliferate despite their faultiness, causing tumors. In addition, many cancer cells are resistant to anti-tumor treatments precisely for the same reasons. For example, as stated by Xiao et al (2006), in a normal cell, DNA replication would, in most cases, be arrested in G1 phase in a mechanism dependant on p53. In tumors mutated for p53, the so-called p53-deficient tumors, this mechanism is lacking and the cell has to rely on checkpoint mediators to stop the division process either at S or at G2-M...

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