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You are provided with two lots of a protein in its native form.
The Bioassay group reports that there is a significant difference in potency between these lots (Lot #1: 100% potency, Lot #2: 10% potency).

Describe a logical sequence of characterization methods to obtain structural information about the native conformation of that protein.
For each technique used, explain your rationale for including that experiment in terms of the information you expect to gain, the amount of protein needed, and the time needed to plan, execute and interpret the results.

Note: There is no “right” answer for this question in terms of specific techniques, but you need to demonstrate an understanding of each method individually, and give a coherent argument for how the information from different techniques can be fit together

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The sequence of characterization of proteins in order to obtain its native conformation can be achieved by the following standard operating procedures:
1. Affinity Chromatography:
Affinity chromatography is an interaction-based separation method depending on the specific binding of native proteins with that of immobilized ligand. The observed level of purification is very high depending on the specificity of the interaction. The characteristics features of affinity chromatography are :...

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