Artemisia Judaica L Medicinal Plant Literature Review (1925 words)

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Artemisia judaica L (medicinal plant)
literature review
2-Geographic distribution
3- Morphogical character
4- Ethnobotanical uses
5- Phytochemical studies
6- Pharmacological studies

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Nature has blessed us with a wide variety of Flora and Fauna, which is useful for us. A plethora of naturally occurring herbs, shrubs and trees in wild and in our vicinity have thus attracted human attention since ages when civilization was not so advanced and science and technology were yet to develop. In those early days by sheer observation and hit and trial, human intellectuals developed the skills to exploit the extracts of such plants to treat many ailments, and eventually, it became a part of life. In recent times, a quest for a healthy life has generated an enhanced interest in medicinal plants of ancient cultures as the advent of modern medicine involving purified drugs of defined composition, is extremely costly with a lot of side effects. Such plants are a source of many pharmacologically active compounds that can treat diseases with minimum or null side effects in a cost-effective manner. However, ancient literature and traditional practice and folklore, don’t specifically present a rational and defined picture of such plants, often using many terms indiscriminately and mixing or distortion of many facts. Often the traditional medicine presents an abstract explanation and consists of imaginative information that can mislead us. Hence the need of the hour is to, test those pretentions and claims on the notions of scientific norms and digitalize the information in a formal way. This mini-review is an attempt to gather and summarize the scientific literature regarding one such plant called Artemisia judaica L., (AJ), a member of the genus Artemisia, of family Asteraceae or Compositeae (1).
Geographical Distribution of AJ
Genus Artemisia contains more than five hundred species, cosmopolitan in distribution however they are found abundantly in the temperate regions of Asia, North...
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