Crystal structure of membrane organelles, virus envelopes, and large patches of bacterial membranes are not always available. Molecular Dynamics Simulations in combination with modeling produce large high-dimensional, spatio-temporal data that can give insight into these structure. The dynamical behavior of these models is typically important both at the atomic level and at the level of the whole model. Considering these circumstances how can one :
1. Calculate and display the path dynamics of molecules locally and globally?
2. Calculate and display the curvature of an organelle/ membrane?
3. Reduce multi-dimensional data to make sense of it?

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MolPathFinder uses path lines as a descriptor to render a large number of molecules and how they can dynamically move together. A variety of features to be mapped onto the path: from the length of the path to the curvature. This visualization helps the user observe the distribution of paths based on a chosen attribute and provides the user with a clear overview of the local properties of the...

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