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Assignment of critically analyzing a scientific journal.
Article: Processes and patterns of oceanic nutrient limitation.
For this assignment, write the main point (max. 150 words), methodologies (max. 100 words), strengths (max. 100 words), weaknesses (max. 100 words) and evaluation (max. 100 words)

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Moore et al. (2013) present an analysis of oceanic nutrient cycles and limitations by reviewing experimental data derived from previous studies. Firstly, the authors introduce the concept of phytoplankton nutrient limitation, as the guiding principle of the article, as well as, the underlying problem statement. The article defines nutrient concentration as the scarcity or variations in nutrient concentrations at the cellular and biosphere hierarchies. The scarcity or differences in the concentrations of cell growth determinants – also responsible for biosphere stability – depend on the rate of depletion of these nutrients at internal and external levels...

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