Where are prokaryotes found and describe some of the key features of their success?

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Where are prokaryotes found and describe some of the key features of their success?

Prokaryotes, a group of living organisms, are known for their diverse and interesting cell structure. They are found as either unicellular/single-celled organisms or in aggregates as clusters, (Lengeler 25). This distinct group of organisms is comprised of two subgroups, bacteria and Archea (Sedava 80). The prokaryotes lack a nucleus and other types of membrane bound organelles, which are commonly found in Eukaryotic organisms. Prokaryotic organisms are also much smaller in size then eukaryotes (Favor 3). A key feature to prokaryotes is their ability to live in harsh conditions such as very high temperatures and salty areas (Sedava 82).   
The necessary molecules for life, such as DNA and proteins are enclosed within the plasma membrane of the cell. As opposed to having a nucleus, prokaryotes have a nucleiod region of the cell where the genetic material is concentrated, (Sedava 82). Within the plasma membrane there is the cytoplasm, a gelatinous material filling up the cell....
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