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In a species of rodent, fur colour may be black or brown and their tail length either long or short.

A pair of rodents were crossed, and their progeny then allowed to interbreed. The result in the F2 were as follows: 29 with brown fur with long tails; 9 long tailed with black fur; 10 short tailed with brown fur; 3 short tailed with black fur;

Using the information provided, explain these results as fully as possible justifying your answers with written text and genetic diagrams (with Keys) to show your logic as you proceed backwards through the generations of rodents.

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In this case, it is evident that it is a dihybrid cross, where two different and independent alleles occur at the same time in the organism. To determine the dominant and recessive alleles, assume that gene L controls the tail length while gene B controls fur color in the animals. In these regards, the following assumptions are made:
Let L be the dominant allele for the normal length of the tails
Let l be the recessive allele for the length of the vestigial tail
Let B be the dominant allele for the normal color of the fur and,
Let b be the recessive allele for the not normal color of the fur.
Based on the above assumptions, a rodent with the normal tail length and fur color is represented by LLBB while a homozygous vestigial tail and not normal fur color is represented by llbb....

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