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Imagine you work at the local museum of natural history, which is opening a wing dedicated to genetics. At the grand opening, scheduled for next month, you will host an event for the community to learn more about genetics and explore the museum. You have been tasked with developing a brochure that provides an overview of genetics to those who attend.
Develop a brochure that may be given to those who attend the grand opening. Use the brochure builder link or another tool of your choice. Include the following:
• Picture and description of DNA, with a summary of differences between DNA and ribonucleic acid (RNA)
• How DNA is formed into chromosomes
• Explanation of each phase of DNA replication
• Depiction of the transfer of genetic information from DNA to RNA to protein with written explanations of each step
• Description of the role of histones and epigenetics in the organization and gene regulation in chromosomal structures
• Techniques of DNA analysis important to genetic engineering
• Definition of the Human Genome Project including its value in identifying human genetic disorders
Remember that your audience is comprised of members of society and are not experts in biology or genetics.
Use graphics as often as possible to aid in comprehension.

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