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Please answer the following questions regarding the papers "Spatiotemporal microbial evolution on antibiotic landscapes" and "Digital discrimination: Political bias in Internet service provision across ethnic groups"

Antibiotics are commonly prescribed to treat bacterial infections in human patients. As patients, most of us have been reminded by a medical care provider to adhere to a prescribed dose or to complete the entire prescribed course of an antibiotic. With regard to antibiotic resistance, why is this advice important? In your answer, select one experiment from the paper that you think is useful for understanding this question.

The authors of this paper strongly imply that the MEGA-plate device allows us to see characteristics of evolution that would not otherwise be obvious. For example, in the final paragraph they write: “The MEGA-plate is not intended to directly simulate natural or clinical settings, but it does capture unique aspects of evolution.” [Emphasis mine] Select one experiment from the paper that you think might demonstrate the authors’ claim and briefly explain why their observation was possible using the MEGA-plate.

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With regards to the antibiotic resistance, the advice to complete the full course of antibiotics is essential, else, taking the small amount of antibiotics or a few doses may lead to the development of sequentially more resistant bacteria, out of the surviving population in our body. When we take an antibiotic, then instantly it does not dissolve in blood/body fluid and reach the maximum concentration. It takes time to partition the antibiotic in various body compartments and the concentration increases or decreases in a gradient manner. Antibiotics are advised to be taken at specific time intervals to maintain that concentration....

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