1. Problem Set 7: Review of all Crosses offspring If a fruit fly ...

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1. Problem Set 7: Review of all Crosses offspring
If a fruit fly with long wings is test crossed with a fruit fly vestigial your wings and produces only. offspring with long wings, what is its' crossed probable with genotype?

2. The shape of radishes may be a long may and round, however oval radish appears the result of a cross between a long and a round.
a. What type of inheritance is occurring here?
b. If round raddishes are crossed to oval radishes what would be the expected phenotypic and genotypic radish?

3. A man, who had Type A blood, is suing his wife on the grounds of infidelity. Their first and second child, whom they both claim, are blood groups O and AB respectively.
the whom the man disclaims, is blood are blood groups O and AB respectively. The
third child, whom the man disclaims is ,blood type B.
Can this information be used to support the man's case?

4. Several black guinea pigs of the same genotype were mated of the parents and produced to be 29 black and 9 white offspring.
offspring. What would you predict the genotypes of the parents to be?

5. A dominant A heterozygous gene produces wire-haired texture in dogs; its recessive allele produces smooth hair. A heterozygous wire- haired individual is crossed with a smooth hair dog. Determine the genotypes and the phenotypes of the F1 generation.

6. In foxes, silver-black coat color is governed by a recessive sex-linked allele and red colour by the domninant sex- linked allele. Determine the phenotypic ratios expected from the following matings.

a. Red male x carrier red female
b. Carrier red female X silver-black male
c. Red male X silver-black female

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It is most likely that the long-wing gene is the dominant allele in relation to gene for short vestigial short wings and that the crossed individuals were homozygotes. The long-winged fly was a homozygote for the dominant feature while the short-winged fly was a homozygote for the recessive...

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