1. Describe contribution of genomics research in the field of biology.
2. Describe contribution of genomics research in medicine.
3. Describe impact of genomics research on society.
4. 20,000 genes make up little more than 1% of the genome. What is the role of the remaining 99%? Is it all junk DNA?
5. Why did Eric Lander suggest to redefine biology as Information? How do you interpret this idea?
6. Why did many ethical, legal, and social issues arise from the Human Genome Project?
7. Will genomics create a principally new medicine and may change different aspects of our culture and mentality?
8. Will development of epigenetics change the most fundamental ideas of genetics?

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Since the 1950’s when Watson and Crick proposed the discovery of DNA, the arena of genomics sought to understand how manipulation of an organisms genome can impact the functionality of another organism through gene manipulation. The process of gene insertion eventually sought biologists to understand a copied gene of interest. Sanger in the late 1970’s won a Nobel prize for the sanger method of DNA sequencing in which amplified DNA...

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