Question 2
Two mutant flies both have white eyes (red is the normal eye color) but were each isolated in different labs and therefore have been labeled white 1 (w1) and white 2 (w2). You cross a pure-breeding w1 fly to a pure-breeding w2 fly and the progeny consists of only flies with wildtype (red) eyes.
a) How can this result be explained?
b) Write out the full genotypes of the parents with respect to the mutant alleles and the genotypes of the progeny.

Question 3
Carnations with red, smooth petals are crossed with carnations with white, rough petals. In the F1, all the petals are pink and smooth. The F1 intercross yields the following F2:
3/16 red, smooth
6/16 pink, smooth
3/16 white, smooth
2/16 pink, rough
1/16 red, rough
1/16 white, rough

a) What are the parental genotypes?
b) What are the F2 genotypes and phenotypes?
c) What conclusions can be made about the allelic and gene interactions for both the petal color and texture alleles?

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The reason that wild type eyed flies exist during the second crossing is that w1 and w2 are separate genes in an enzyme pathway that determine color. If W1 and W2 were on the same chromosome that determines eye color, the mutations would not complement each other to produce the wild type phenotype, instead such mutations...
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