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Cell Division, Chromosomes, and Inheritance Complete all four sections of this worksheet. Section I: Mitosis and Meiosis Part 1: Review the following images on mitosis and meiosis. Kinetochore /MV Cell plate IND III MGM n n Metaphase Anaphase Telophase V V Vv Prophase Motaphase Il Anaphase # Telophase # Haploid 1' n U Vv Part 2: Explain the events you observe in the pictures. Part 3: Identify similarities and differences between the pictures you described. Use drawing tools to indicate similarities and differences, where possible. Section II: Genetic Diversity Briefly describe the following events and explain their role in creating genetic diversity: 2 1. Proteins: 2. Crossing over: 3. Independent assortment 4. Mutation: Section III: Mendelian Genetics Post your answers to the following questions from the Problems and Discussion Questions section at the end of Ch. 3 of Concepts of Genetics: Question 7: Mendel crossed peas having round seeds and yellow cotyledons (seed leaves) with peas having wrinkled seeds and green cotyledons. All the FI plants had round seeds with yellow cotyledons. Diagram this cross through the F2 generation, using both the Punnett square and forked-line, or branch diagram, methods. Question 16: Mendel crossed peas having round green seeds with peas having wrinkled yellow seeds. All FI plants had seeds that were round and yellow. Predict the results of testcrossing these F1 plants. Section IV: Chromosomes Write 1 to 2 paragraphs explaining the role chromosomes play in heredity. Include the structure and function of chromosomes.

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The cell cycle consists of interphase and cell division (mitosis or meiosis). During interphase, in which a cell typically spends most of its life, a cell duplicates its DNA, synthesises proteins, increases the volume of its cytoplasm (resulting in the cell growing to about double the original size) and its mitochondria and plastids divide. Interphase consists of three stages: G1, S and G2. During the S stage, a cell duplicates its genetic material via semiconservative replication – a cell forms DNA molecules out of one by breaking hydrogen bonds between DNA strands in the original DNA molecule (one DNA molecule consists of two antiparallel strands of DNA – this means that the strands are bonded so that on one end of a DNA molecule there are 3’ (hydroxyl) end of one strand and 5’ (phosphoryl) end of the other and vice versa), then synthesising new strands along the existing two, so that the result of the syntesis are two molecules of DNA, each of which contains one of the original strands of DNA and one of the new (syntesised). All the other activities characteristic for the interphase of a cell are performed during the G (gap) stages. Certain cells enter a stage called G0 (gap zero), which is either a stage separate from interphase or an extended G1. Such cells don’t divide often or ever and are usually terminally specialised (quiescent, but continue to perform their main function – such as neurons and heart muscle cells) or “await” a stimulus to...

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