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Huntington's disease:

- An overview of the disorder
- Characteristics of the disorder
- Prevalence of the disorder
- Genes or chromosomes affected
- Specific mutation inherent in the disorder
- Mode of inheritance
- Current treatments and clinical management of the disorder
- Analysis of proteome data used to diagnose and treat the disorder
- The Human Genome Project's utility in identifying the disease-causing gene(s)

Write 350-700 word speaker notes.

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Huntington’s disease, abbrevated HD, is a neurodegenerative genetic disorder that leads to mental decline, affects muscle coordination and causes behavioral sympotoms: apathy, irritability, anxiety, depressed mood, obssesive and compulsive behavior. Symptoms may vary to a certain degree, but they progress predictably: usually it starts with subtle problems with mood or cognition, followed by an unsteady gait and a general lack of coordination; as the disease progresses, uncoordinated body movements become more obvious, accompanied by a decline in mental abilities. Dementia and abnormal involuntary writhing movements, called chorea, follow. Because of the chorea, the disease is also called Huntington’s chorea. Physical symptoms...

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