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QUESTION 1 Prions cause diseases in humans contain only nucleic acid without a protein coat cause disease in plants replicate like HIV Which type of vaccine is made from parts of viruses? attenuated vaccine . subunit vaccine acellular vaccine inactivated vaccine QUESTION 3 10 points Save Answer Which phase in the virus replication cycle is depicted below? Viruses Host cell biosynthesis assembly provirus penetration Question Completion Status: QUESTION 4 10 points Saved Which of the following statements is correct? viral replication can take several minutes to several hours (or days), depending upon the particular virus a virus can enter an cell by endocytosis or fusion a virus can exit the animal host cell by lysis or budding all of the above QUESTION 6 10 poi A viroid is a provirus a capsid without a nucleic acid a complete, infectious virus particle a naked, infectious piece of RNA QUESTION 7 10 points All of the following are useful in the treatment of viruses except interferon antibodies Tamilflu penicillin Question o QUESTION 8 10 points Which of the following statements is true? a provirus is viral DNA that is inserted into the host's chromosome a provirus can separate from the host's chromosome a provirus may result in new properties of the host cell all of the above QUESTION 10 10 points Save Answer Once inside the host cell, the viral genome is copied and expressed using the host's enzymes and materials. This step is called release biosynthesis penetration assembly

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