The following questions are based on this article:
Structures of the Cd44–hyaluronan complex provide insight into a fundamental carbohydrateprotein interaction

(1) Summarize the characteristics of the protein or complex that was crystallized. What was the rationale or necessity for determining the structure?

(2) Make a table of the following statistics for discussion (for those structures with multiple data sets pick one to analyze)

• Cell parameters
• Space group
• Resolution
• Rmerge
• I/sigma I
• Rwork
• Rfree
• R.m.s.d. bonds
• R.m.s.d.angles
• average B values (if given)

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The present study describes the crystal structure of murine CD44 HABD (residues 25-174) alone or in complex with its ligand HA8 in two conformations A and B.
Key Characteristics: The key findings of this crystal structures are as follows
a) Human and Murine CD44HABD are similar in structure except for a small kink in the β5-β6 loop due to the presence of a valine in the mouse protein.
b) The overall conformation of the Cd4425-174-HA8 complex is similar in Type A and Type B crystals however the type A structure more closely resembles the apoprotein form and type B structure is a bit contorted. The authors concluded that the ligand is bound loosely in type A and tightly in type B form.
c) CD44 binds to only a short region of HA octamer with the core recognition site being GlcUA5-GlcNAc8. This interaction is defined by a shallow groove on the top of the CD44 molecule and is largely dominated by aliphatic side chains of the residues present in the link module....

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