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Question 6. (4 pt) Newly discovered Protease X is found to have protease activity that appears to be identical to that of poliovirus protease 2A. a.) Based on the mechanism of action of poliovirus protease 2A and the data shown in the figure below, what feature is most likely to be present on the mRNAs of genes B and D? b.) Explain the evidence in the data that supports your conclusion that genes B and D most likely have the feature. Control Protease X mRNPs mRNPs 80S 60S 80S 60S MIA Polysomes Polysomes 40S 40S Gene A B C mill Figure legend. In a study of genes A, B, C, and D in a human cervical carcinoma cell D line (HeLa), untreated cells (Control) were Quantitative RT-PCR of fractions compared to cells treated with Protease X. Top panels: Cell lysates from untreated cells (Control) and Protease X-treated cells were loaded on sucrose gradients and the gradients submitted to centrifugation. Fractions were collected and absorbance at 254 nm wavelength light was measured for each fraction. Bottom panels: RNA was then isolated from each gradient fraction and quantitative RT-PCR was performed using primers specific to mRNAs from each of the four genes of interest. The bottom graphs show the relative levels of each mRNA.

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