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1. Is the below statement is true or false. If false, explain why it is false. Nucleic Assembly (e.g. DNA helix formation) is primarily driven by hydrogen bonding between bases (e.g. A:T; C:G) 2. You perform Sanger DNA sequencing on a piece of DNA, using the DNA primer shown in blue. The gel electrophoresis data is shown below as well. In each box, write in the correct nucleotide at each position of primer extension, based on the data. 5'-CCTAGCATA - 5' 3'-GGATCGTATXXXX X X X X X X - 5' I A T C G 3. Circle the best answer. What is the role of the exonuclease domain in DNA polymerase? (A) binds to DNA template to provide stability of the protein / DNA complex (B) Unwinds DNA to present the single-stranded DNA template (C) Cuts DNA to remove base mismatches 4. Briefly describe the role of each component in PCR. DNA polymerase: primer: template DNA: 5. Circle the best answer. What is the role of restriction enzymes in cloning? (A) cut DNA randomly, creating blunt ends that can be ligated with DNA ligase. (B) cleave the phosphodiester backbone of DNA at specific sequences, leaving single-stranded overhangs (C) restrict the cleavage of DNA so that full-length DNA can be ligated into a plasmid 6. Is the below statement true or false? If false, briefly state why it is false. tRNAs bind to amino acids non-covalently, and bring them to the ribosome for translation. 7. Is the below statement true or false? If false, briefly state why it is false. For most proteins, we would expect to see hydrophilic residues primarily on the interior. 8. Circle the best answer. The ribosome is (A) DNA (B) RNA (C) DNA / protein complex (D) RNA / protein complex 9. Using the below plasmid map, what is the role of the laci gene (purple), specifically as it relates to inducible gene expression? encoded gene T7 promoter MCS Ori antibiotic resistance T7 RNAP Lac p laci 10. (5 pts, a) What is the role of a His6 tag? (5 pts, b) Did you fill out a course evaluation for this course? (honor system)

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