A disaster recovery plan must answer at least 3 basic questions:
1). What is its objective and purpose
2). Who will be the people or teams who will be responsible in case any disruptions happen
3). What will these people do (the procedures to be followed) when the disaster strikes.

Your next step will be to find 2 articles in which a company or business had a system failure in which:
A. No disaster recovery plan was in place. In this case you will recommend the appropriate type of plan that should have been implemented to refrain from such a loss.
B. A disaster recovery plan was in place but it was not effective. In this case you can comment on what went wrong, why it went wrong and future recommendations.

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1. Understanding of Disaster Recovery Plan Objectives, Purpose, Teams, and Procedures:
A Disaster Recovery Plan is a set of formal, documented procedures that when properly executed enables an entity to continue essential business processes in the event of major disasters. The essence of this plan is to provide effective and efficient solutions to preserve, maintain, and recover critical information technology (IT) applications and the related data.
Since disasters, whether man-made or natural, are inevitable parts of running a business, an entity needs to be able to know how to respond to them....
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