Three Ways that the City of Detroit Could Have Avoided Bankruptcy

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Write a paper on Detroit.
Take a position about the city’s financial situation and defend it.
For example, you may believe that the financial crisis or bankruptcy was preventable.
If so, state this position and defend it with facts.
On the other hand, you may believe that the situation was unavoidable; if so, state that position and defend it with facts.

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TThree Ways that the City of Detroit Could Have Avoided Bankruptcy
The city of Detroit could have avoided bankruptcy by improving the business environment, giving tax incentives to businesses and diversifying the economy. Some of the reasons that are often blamed for the decline of Detroit and its eventual bankruptcy include population decline, inadequate tax revenue, high crime rate, high unemployment, and high public employee pensions among others (Plumer, 2013). However, a closer look at these reasons reveals a deeper underlying problem. These reasons are in fact symptoms of a problem that was evident decades ago, but the city’s leadership failed to take measures to address it....
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